Moving Day!

So begins a new chapter of life.  After two years on the SouthSideSuburbs, I’m finally making the leap into the den of hipster activity and livelihood.  Moving to the NorthSide.  All in all, I’m quite excited.  WD has heard nothing but small interjections regarding upcoming necessities and purchases to be made, an endless scroll of to-do’s.  I’m sure he’ll be more than pleased when all is settled in this house, as to cease these mumblings.

Unfortunately, he’ll never, ever be able to come over.  Five roommates.  Four cats.  One hell of an allergen bomb.  Yet, it’s probably for the best to keep these spheres separate.

July brings business where I thought that there would be none: trips to the west, far west, and north.  HX’s bridal shower, and seeing the Admiral, X, and Meesh in the same room for the first time in goodness knows how long.  Volunteering at festivals, and saying farewell’s to BTK, who happens to be moving across the globe to take a new position in New Zealand.

Always, with her.  In my next life, I am so going to culinary school.  And being damn good at what I do.

So, thoughts on making this more of a blog, and less of a diary?  Suggestions?

I’ll be updating this at least twice weekly, and once weekly, as the school year comes about.  

GOAL: To create a content which acts as a point of reflection for myself, and to collect information that will aid readers in developing their own competencies in at-home remedies, cooking, DIY and sustainable life choices, sociology, intersectionality, feminism, various forms of music, and current events.

Basically, create a one-woman Bitch, Jezebel, and Rookie.  Except with more pizazz and cauliflower.  Because, really, we need more vegetables in our life.  Said the girl who ate, like 45 lemon chocolate cookies a minute ago.


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