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“Doing Gender”: The Impact and Future of a Salient Sociological Concept. James W. Messerschmidt

Messerschmidt, J.W. 2009. “‘Doing Gender’: The Impact and Future of a Salient Sociological Concept.” Gender and Society 23: 85-88. West and Zimmerman wrote DG when a feminist shift in social sciences was occuring – in the late 1980’s.  For a long while, sex roles theory had been a predominant sociological lens of viewing gender, but […]

“The Chicago School of Ethnography.” Mary Jo Deegan

From Atkinson, Paul, Amanda Coffey, Sara Delamont, John Lofland, and Lyn Lofland (eds.) Handbook of Ethnography. 2001. Sage Publications: Thousand Oaks, CA. Background: Ethnographic fieldwork and sociology as intrinsically/historically linked through ethographic traditions of fieldwork at University of Chicago in fields of work, socialization, and organzations.  Though symbolic interactionism is often central to many works, there […]