Jones, N. 2009. “‘I Was Aggressive for the Streets, Pretty for the Pictures…”

Jones, Nikki. 2009. “’I Was Aggressive for the Streets, Pretty for the Pictures:’ Gender, Difference, and the Inner-City Girl.” Gender and Society 23 (1): 89-93.

Introductory vigniette of Kiara – whose father’s drug dealing (and subsequent imprisonment after murdering her mother) earned her respect, but also dictated her interactions with other children – aggressive in certain situations, “pretty” for others – situational gendering.   Using gender-normative expectations, flirting, defiance to communicate and obtain needs, regardless of categorical identity. References to PHC ‘s critical response to Doing Difference that social contexts of interaction may not reveal complete picture of complex intersections of oppression.

“If we focus only on interactional accomplishments of categorical identity we can miss the chance to illuminate the recursive relationship between Kiara’s interactions with other, her identity (or identities), and these larger oppressive forces, which are shaped by various overlapping and intersecting –isms” (90-91).

Summary – by combining structural and interactional analyses (through W&Z, W&F, and other authors – particularly PHC, H&W), we obtain a more intersectional viewpoint to be considered, which will thus reflect the realities of oppression and interactions that go on to resist them and maintain self’s survival.




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