Bose, C. 2012. “Intersectionality and Global Gender Inequality.”

Bose, Christine E. “Intersectionality and Global Gender Inequality.” 2012. Gender and Society 26 (1): 67-72.

PHC’s impacts profound – canonized, and impossible to address stratification, race, class, gender topical areas without utilizing her work. Advances ideas on multiple forms of oppression experience. PHC’s ideas have not remained static – incorporates citizenship, sexuality, religion, age, other dimensions. Intersectionality’s use in political sociology, law. Useful for area studies (European, Asian, African) scholars studying inequalities, polarization of class, migration, labor, diversity, demographics, etc.
*** “Despite the rapid worldwide adoption of intersectionality as both a concept and a research approach, there is no consensus on exactly how to carry out an intersectional analysis” (68 – cite Choo and Feree 2010) — C&F note common means of studying intersectionality include:
1) including perspectives of those who are multiply marginalized, putting these groups at the center of a researcher’s analysis – this has been criticized for offering a focus simply on these groups, a “content specialization” on specified subgroups (Hancock 2007) and may not examine powerful groups
2) process-centered study – non-additive, “comparative and contextual analysis of inequalities” and examination of particular interaction effects among studied dimensions (often statistical and quantitative)
3) system-centered – disassociated specific inequalities with specific institutions (example – dissociating economy with social class or family with gender) — “demonstrates how the systems themselves generate intersectional effects” (69).
Bose proposes a transnational angle on intersectionality (as dichotomized North-south and geographies homogenize lived existences). Dynamics such as impact of neoliberal economics, migration, violence, sociocultural histories, national building, gendered inequalities in education, inheritance, property ownership — these are all intertwined!


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