Choo, H.Y. 2012. “The Transnational Journey of Intersectionality.”

Choo, Hae Yeon. 2012. “The Transnational Journey of Intersectionality.” Gender and Society 26 (1): 40-45.

In 2009 edition of BFT, PHC hopes that her work and ideas would transcend borders, not as a point of imperialism or export, but as the source of dialogue with similarly subordinated groups in a global context — press forth universality of ideas.
Choo’s role as a “diasportic feminist researcher” and as “outsider within” in North American academy. Notes importance to trust personal and cultural biographies as sites of knowledge. Choo’s experience as a translator – the translation of a text is not only important for expanding knowledge transnationally, but as a means to expand the intended audience for the ideas translated. Difficulty in negotiating her presence at academy where demand for non-Western ideas and bodies were a source of domination, creating recentralization of Western-centered issues and agendas through “incorporation” of these bodies – Was PHC’s BFT a point where Choo’s inclusion a point of Western domination of endemic ideas? Marked in her progressive feminist professor’s comments of “don’t you need to do nationalist sociology?” – resistance to knowledge production hegemony of the West, translated to the global scale. Perception of personal and academic “selling out” and “traitorism” to academic consumption that was not furthering local, Korean interests.
Synthesis of embodied difference in gendered, nationalized, migrant labor; presence of “doing difference” as a site of physical and institutional danger, as expressed in her research participants.


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