Higginbotham, E. 2012. “Reflections on the Early Contributions of Patricia Hill Collins.”

Higginbotham, Elizabeth. 2012. “Reflections on the Early Contributions of Patricia Hill Collins.” Gender and Society 26 (1): 23-27.

Those who read PHC now versus those who read PHC later in their career have different and unique perspectives to her work – PHC enables us to critique interdisciplinary field of women’s studies.
“Learning from the Outsider Within” works to fight essentialism in women’s studies and feminism; early black feminists had to carefully negotiate particularism dictated by their experience, and the universality expected by dominant research paradigms. White scholarship on POC was considered high scholarship, POC on POC research was seen often as illegitimate – viewing POC as deviant and Othered. Most work on black women as highly empirical, without strong theoretical backing (or institutional support) during PHC’s time. Controlling images impacted how black women scholars were treated by peers in the academy, students, and each other.


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