Nestle, J., C. Howell, and R. Wilchins. 2002. GenderQueer: Voices from Beyond the Binary.

Nestle, Joan, Clare Howell, and Riki Wilchins. 2002. GenderQueer: Voices from Beyond the Gender Binary. Los Angeles: Alyson Publications.

Genders on My Mind – Joan Nestle – Pp. 3-10

The “new freaks” of feminism in anti-pornography era – butch/femme, S&M, passing men and women, and sexually hungry straight women

A Continuous Nonverbal Communication – Riki Wilchins – Pp. 11 -17.

Homophobia as rooted in gender – not masculine or feminine enough

“In a society where femininity is feared and loathed, all women are genderqueer. In a culture where masculinity is defined by having sex with women and femininity is defined by having sex with men, all gay people are genderqueer” (11-12) – kx ^ how  do we substantiate this claim?

Simone de Beauvoir – “the body is a situation.” – a political situation, where expectations, norms, regulations are exacted, in terms of our gender performance, our sex and physical characteristics, the bodies we desire, and how we should desire them. Gender as “drag”  – a performance where we sometimes, no matter how perfected our routine is, we fall off the stage. Gender as “a system of symbols and meanings – and the rules, privileges, and punishments pertaining to their use –for power and sexuality” (14).

It’s Your Gender, Stupid!   – Riki Wilchins

Gender’s power as productive, not repressive – that is, gender interactions help to produce meaning. (A la Butler) – “successful” genders cite previous enactions and iterations. “But if Butler is right, if gender is always an artifice that copies something else, then all gender is a reuse of familiar stereotypes according to the rules for their use” (27-28). “Genderqueers are people for whom some link in the feeling/expressing/being-perceived fails” (28).

Queerer Bodies – Riki Wilchins

Creation of knowledge and category as a means to control relationships between sex, sexuality, and gender. Western pursuit of singularity, Truth prevents multiplicity and acceptance of variety. “What is Western and white is universal, while the Orient as Other is confined to the mysterious, exotic, and primitive” (44)

Deconstructing Trans  – Riki Wilchins

“Thus, to be androgynous, is not gender-neutral, but male.  Man is the default sex; womanhood must continually prove itself by artifice, adornment, and display” (57).


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