Johnson, R. 2007. “Post-hegemony? I Don’t Think So.”

Johnson, Richard. 2007. “Post-hegemony? I Don’t Think So.” Theory, Culture, and Society 24 (3): 95-110.

Pretty much, a love letter to Gramsci’s idea of “counter-hegemony” as “war of position.” Reject’s Lash’s notion that power is post-hegemonic – defends Gramsci’s ability to be wrong, or to be geographically-specific in his analysis.  Accosts sociologists’ desire to be the “modest witnesses” to social change, shifts in power, shift in modernity. Each person will read Gramsci according to needs, intellectual traditions. Hegemony is not something to be reduced to “symbolic domination” or power operating semiotically- does not reduce to collective consciousness… this underestimates collective as well as individual difference under hegemony. “Hegemony is about cultural politics only.  There can be no rule by cultural means alone. Yet culture enters into every move of the powerful or those who seek emancipation.  Hegemony involves the force of economic relations […] Such a reality is not economic only: it affects not only consumption, but aspiration too.  Similarly, though not a classic revolutionary seizure of state power, a war of position involves moments of coercion, just as war and foreign occupation create unique conditions for organizing” (99). Reasserts common sense and individuality as a necessary mechanism of hegemony’s function. Production as inherently rooted in cultural consumptions.



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