Scaggs, A., E. Serpick, and K. O’Donnell. 2008. “Four Days at Bonnaroo.”

Scaggs, Austin, Evan Serpick, and Kevin O’Donnell. 2008. “Four Days at Bonnaroo.” Rolling Stone 1056 (July 10): 28-35.

Bonnaroo forms a temporary city, with own post office, newspaper, radio station, police force that reports to nearby Manchester, TN.  70,000+ fans, on 700 acres of grassland.  Acts  ranged from “hip hop space opera” of Kanye West to improvisational attempts made by alternative prog-rockers (Vampire Weekend), digital rock (MGMT), with fans coming hours to participate.  Core area called Centeroo, where stages, vendors, and amenities are available.  General admission is camping life, often filled with drugs and informal vending. VIP offers batting cages, swag for performers, BBQs, and performer meet and greets. Star-studded event, not only on stage, but in attendance (like the Olson Twings), with many attenders interviewed in early twenties – with aspirations to quit day jobs for more artistic pursuits (like quitting a furniture sales job to pursue photography, like quitting credit-card processing to start music venues).


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