Maheshwari, S. 2013. Forget Training Bras, Girls Are Buying Lingerie.

Maheshwari, Sapna. 2013. “Forget Training Bras, Girls Are Buying Lingerie.” Bloomberg Business.

Growing demand in middle and high school girls demand for intimate apparel, promoting “cuteness” not sexiness. Targeting toward 18-22 year olds has youth demand high. Projections of PINK brand becoming a $3 million business. “Sensuality and body image continues to be a message that young girls are seeing and are being exposed to in a much less controlled fashion perhaps than even 10, 12 years ago,” says Dan Stanek, executive vice president at consultancy Big Red Rooster” — youth demographics emulating celebrity culture accessible via internet. Introduced PINK to gear toward college girls with brightly colored undergarments – however, 15 and 16 year olds want to be older and emulate “college” looks. Using the language of “prettiness” over sexiness – say AERIE, other teen undergarment sales – fears about taking away dressing for self, and promoting dressing for men at earlier and earlier ages. Hire of Justin Bieber to perform at VS fashion show’s PINK segment – so, who are they REALLY marketing to?


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