Rupp, L. 2014. The Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Glut.

Rupp, Lindsey. 2014. “The Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Glut.” Bloomberg Business.

“The days of wearing our old workout shorts and ratty T-shirts are over,” VS CEO Sharen Jester Turney in November 2013 as VS line of sports bras dropped. “Eager to woo gym goers who want to look good while they sweat, Turney and her colleges said the sporty undergarments would help the brand expand beyond traditional lingerie and sleepwear” (rupp).

“We wanted to solve the uniboob problem, where your sports bra makes you look straight across—no one likes that,” Turney said. “This bra is just as much about performance and function as the look.”

However, sports bras haven’t performed well for VS yet, but doesn’t plan to discount them. Discontinuation of sweaters, jeans, dresses available in catalogue and online – as they aren’t selling well.

Lingerie, sports, and beauty as key catalogue and online products, but all experienced a drop in 2013. Activewear as lucrative expansion, as it grew 9% in 2013 (to $14.5 billion), according to NDP group. Predicted impact of 10-15% of store sales expected to come from new sports line, and introducing shaping workout pants and shorts. Activewear as valuable as it is versatile – gym, lounge, or on the go – but demands for sports bras are more episodic if not worn everyday… (kx^ but is VS promoting everyday gym stylings, producing reasons to go to the gym?!)


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