McTavish, L. 2015. Feminist Figure Girl: Look Hot While You Fight the Patriarchy.

Lianne McTavish. 2015. Feminist Figure Girl: Look Hot While You Fight the Patriarchy. Albany, NY: State University Press of New York.

Figure competition not like male-dominated fitness contests, requiring strength exercises – figure competition based on assessment of bodies, hair, makeup, skin tone, and costume

Despite objectification and perceived passivity based upon assessment of looks – female bodybuilders act as serious athletes with professional and fitness pursuits

Autoethnography: “a research method that utilizes the researchers’ autobiographical data to analyze and interpret cultural assumptions” (Chang – here xxii see 9)

Ellis: “autoethnnographic forms feature concrete action, emotion, embodiment, self-consciousness, and introspection portrayed in dialogue, scenes, characterization, and plot” (xxii, see 10)

Contrasting third wave (circa 2010) to postfeminism – see Dean 44, postfeminism as end of need of feminism, or something that comes after the event of feminism; obscures gender through individualism, neoliberalism, promotes “resurgent patriarchy” (McRobbie 45)

Skim Holland for accounts of pole dancing as liberation exercise.


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