Weitz, R. 2010. “A History of Women’s Bodies.”

Weitz, Rose. 2010. “A History of Women’s Bodies.” In The Politics of Women’s Bodies: Sexuality, Appearance, and Behavior, 3rd ed. Edited by Rose Weitz. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 3-12.

Historically, women’s bodies have been at nexus of challenging/reinforcing power relationships between men and women (kx^ or between women/women, men/men?). Discusses Greek one-sex model – genital inversion as justification for subordination – women as not “fully-formed.” Sexual double standard reinforced of women’s chastity, men’s promiscuity – however, permitted to have romantic relationship with other women, as women were emotional –men unattached… reinforcing lesbianism as a norm solidified by separation of spheres. Darwinist dimorphism explained males attractiveness as higher evolutionary level. Some eco-feminist literature often reverts to dimorphism and same essentialist rhetoric as conservative gender advocates – women more caregiving, etc.


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