Schlee, G. 2010. Epilogue: How Do Paradigm Shifts Work in Anthropology?

Schlee, Günther. 2010. “Epilogue: How Do Paradigm Shifts Work in Anthropology? On the Relationship of Theory and experience.” In Beyond Writing Culture: Current Intersections of Epistemologies and Representational Practices, edited by Olaf Zenker and Karsten Kumoll. New York: Berghahn. Pp. 211-228.

Fears that post-Writing Cultures, young scholars are fearful of facts and knowledge, as there’s no real “truth” to them. Consistent self-reflection and methodological dissection turns study inwards, where deconstruction takes priority over contribution. Are we doomed to post-posts and neo-neos? Have we no further terrain, post-knowledge? How do we situate ourselves within a belonging of epistemic culture and yet strive for objectivity – Schlee says it can be done.


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