Sharma, J. 2013. “Challenging the Pleasure versus Danger Binary”.

Sharma, Jaya. 2013. “Challenging the Pleasure versus Danger Binary: Reflections on Sexuality Workshops with Rural Women’s Rights Activists in North India.” In Women, Sexuality, and the Political Power of Pleasure. Edited by Susie Jolly, Andrea Cornwall, and Kate Hawkins. New York: Zed Books. Pp. 42-57.

Many development and women’s movements focus on sexual harassment and abuse issues, but rarely look at positive aspects of sexuality, often overlook LBGTQ issues, reinforce heteronormativity? Attributed to secondary or tertiary issues – when poverty, etc. are pressing issues, who has time to focus on sexuality? How we conceive of sexuality is linked to how violence is committed; changing norms and narratives of sexuality can shape how IPV and community violence impacts women+.


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