Delanty, G. 2011. “Conclusion” in Festivals and the Cultural Public Sphere.

Delanty, Gerard. 2011. “Conclusion: On the Cultural Significance of Arts Festivals.” In Festivals and the Cultural Public Sphere, edited by Liana Georgi, Monica Sassatelli, and Gerard Delanty. New York: Routledge. Pp. 190-198.

Initially, the traditional festival field and the high arts were quite distinct – based in high and low-brow tastes/consumptions; proliferation of festivals (though diverse) have offered a point of integration, multiplicity of discourses.

In this expansion, festivals can be a site where collective effervescence is enacted – or questioned, as increasingly fragmented identities stakehold and negotiate meanings and roles within the festival sphere – raising questions of cultural (and at times political) citizenship/representation.


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