Notes on “Urban Geopolitics and the Spectacle of Tourism,” a talk by Dr. Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr.

Tourism as a (re)production of geopolitical (yet mundane) tensions — the use of race, class, gender, and sexuality as signposts of difference, statecrafting – and resistance to —unreadable—- processes.

“Representational violence” — seek this out

Spectacles as an articulation of state’s specialization of power; citizenship as consumable (DeBord 1994 – critique for totalizing assumption on visual imagery of spectacle)

Power as a creative and creating process – tourism as constitutive but creaste incomplete narratives (Foucault)

Cownen and Story (2013) – the notion that the local is considered fixed, privatae and domestic

The use of symbolic material culture, events as ways to construct consumable uniqueness as well as citizenship

Bodies on Display — Pain (2009) – use of particular bodies to promote idealized performances and discourses – nationality represented in dress/gender performances to help normalize class and colonial differences

“Self-Orientalism” – subjectification for elite, consumption on local, state, and global levels— creation of ‘appropriate’ ways of ‘being’ Thai through costume, language, dance — using symbols to articulate ethnicity and geopolitical divisions, political and class privileges

Hazburn (2004) – the experience of place


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