Synthesis Mapping (Teaching Tool)

Research Paper or Activity Component: (from Schmidt, Judy H., Michael K. Hooper, and Diane Kholos Wysocki. 2003. 6 Steps to Effective Writing in Sociology. Thomson Wadsworth: Toronto).

Synthesizing Sources with a Synthesis Map – looking at how all the pieces “fit” together through a chart form

Source Title (Citations) Source Title (Citations)    
Thesis of source      
Major Points      

Add question regarding what is the pattern that emerges from these sources?  What are the links?  How are these supported?

Add question – what are the gaps or conflicts within the information?

Add question – what do you need to know to resolve these gaps?


Utilize this text as a pre-semester reading in introductory, methods, and capstone, classes?

Utilize The Elements of Style as a pre-semester reading for all introductory classes – should be distributed in Composition classes, but sadly underused?


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