Eicher, J.B. and M.E. Roach-Higgins. 1992/1995. “Dress, Gender, and Age.”

Eicher, Joanne B. and Mary Ellen Roach-Higgins. 1995. “Dress, Gender and Age.” Pp. 101-105 in Dress and Identity, edited by Mary Ellen Roach-Higgins, Joanne B. Eicher, and Kim K.P. Johnson. New York: Fairchild Publications.

Originally printed as: Eicher, Joanne B. and Mary Ellen Roach Higgins. 1992. “Dress, Gender and Age.” Pp. 8-28, selection from Dress and Gender, edited by R. Barnes and J.Eicher.  Rhode Island: Berg.

“Because establishing gendered forms of dress for males and females provides a visually economical way to reinforce the face that wearers have the sex organs that are the primary physical distinctions between the sexes, dress serves the macrobiological as well as the macro social system. Distinguishing sex by dress can encourage not only sexual overtures in socially approved ways, but also mating, which, in turn, as it leads to the birth of children, guarantees the continuity of both the species and the society” (101-102) (kx^ this seems a little myopic and functionalist…)

Gender dress prescriptions are socialized over time, through relatives etc. as individuals learn to adopt new (and historical) roles.


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