Herrman, A. 1991/1995. “Passing Women, Performing Men.”

Herrman, Anne. 1995. “’Passing’ Women, Performing Men.” Pp. 112-115 in Dress and Identity, edited by Mary Ellen Roach-Higgins, Joanne B. Eicher, and Kim K.P. Johnson. New York: Fairchild Publications.

Originally printed as: Herrman, Anne. 1991. “’Passing’ Women, Performing Men.” Pp. 178-182, selection from The Female Body: Figures, Styles, Speculations, edited by L. Goldstein. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

“While transvestitism and transsexualism destabilize the relation between sex and gender, they nevertheless maintain the relationship between gender identity and sexual object choice by presuming heterosexuality” (113) – drag as explicitly homosexual and communicative of femininities to be desirable to men.

Appearance as “clothes, hairstyles, accessories, mannerisms, gestures, body movements, vocal intonation, and so on” (PAGE)  that communicate and are perceived to communicate “visible” signals of gender – cluing us in to the gender of the performer (se also Woodhouse 1989).

CITE: Woodhouse, Annie. 1989. Fantastic Women: Sex, Gender and Transvestism. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.


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