Kunkel, C. 1999. “A Visual Analysis of Feminist Dress.”


Kunkel, Charlotte. 1999. “A Visual Analysis of Feminist Dress.” Pp. 183-188 in The Meanings of Dress, edited by Mary Lynn Damhorst, Kimberly A. Miller, and Susan O. Michelman. New York: Fairchild Publications.

How do feminists dress?  Why is there a seeming cultural conflict between perceptions of who feminists are and what they look like, and traditional notions of feminine appearance?

Subjective interpretation between student researchers and coders and research participants – some utilized bodily and symbolic communications of rebellion, others of traditional femininity – photovoice-ish project notes the paradoxical incorporation of both – presenting “an integration of feminist and feminine symbols as well as the redefinition of femininity from a feminist perspective […] Living in contradiction or simultaneously maintaining and challenging the patriarchy is symbolized in these participants’ presentations and meaning-making of self” (187-188) – notes multiplicity of feminisms, and thus, defeats the expectation that feminists should have a singular look or manifestation.


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