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Gill, R. and C. Scharff. 2011. Introduction to New Femininities.

Gill, Rosalind and Christina Scharff. 2011. “Introduction.” Pp. 1-17 in New Femininities: Postfeminism, Neoliberalism and Subjectivity, edited by Rosalind Gill and Christina Scharff. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. *** Incorporate: the use of femininities (plural) highlights “the social production and construction of gender,” seeking to avoid essentialism (2). Postfeminism: signals an “epistemological break within feminism” (3) […]

Roberts, M. 2007. The Fashion Police: Governing the Self in What Not to Wear.

Roberts, Martin. 2007. “The Fashion Police: Governing the Self in What Not to Wear.” Pp. 227-248 in Interrogating Postfeminism: Gender and the Politics of Popular Culture, edited by Yvonne Tasker and Diane Negra. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Privatization and corporatization of television prompts controlled media encouraging consumption, neoliberalism, “individualism” – positing itself as a […]

Farrugia, R. 2009. Building a Women-Centered DJ Collective.

Farrugia, Rebekah. 2009. “Building a Women-Centered DJ Collective: From San Francisco to CyberSpace to Sister USA.” Feminist Media Studies 9(3): 335-351. Investigates women-centered EDM DJ collective Sister SF and how it responds to gender inequalities in male-dominate EDM culture. Though collective’s goals reflect liberal feminist basis (equality between sexes) – rejects feminist label. Within music […]

Olszanowski, M. 2012. What to Ask Women Composers: Feminist Fieldwork in Electronic Dance Music.

Olszanowski, Magdalena. 2012. “What to Ask Women Composers: Feminist Fieldwork in Electronic Dance Music. DanceCult 4(2): 3-26. Reflects upon research methods (theoretical, methodological) behind microfemininewarfare, a documentary/database of female EDM artists. Use of research-creation and friendship-as-method (see Tillmann-Healy 2003) as effective feminist research methods for EDM fieldwork. Essl (2003); Friz (2004); Farrugia (2010); Kirn (2011) […]

Farrugia, R. 2004. Sisterdjs in the House.

Farrugia, Rebekah. 2004. “Sisterdjs in the House: Electronic/Dance Music and Women-Centered Spaces on the Net.” Women’s Studies in Communication 27(2): 236-262.   Electronic/dance music (signified by E/DM, not EDM, here).  Though EDM lacks center, it is an “overwhelmingly male-dominated field” (236). Examines online collective of women in DJ culture – the creation of women’s-centered spaces […]