House, J.S., G.A. Fine, and K.S. Cook. 1995. Reply: The Promise of Sociological Social Psychology.

House, James S., Gary A. Fine, and Karen S. Cook. 1995. “Reply: The Promise of Sociological Social Psychology.” Social Psychology Quarterly 58(4): 336-338.

Social psychology is necessary for understanding the link between social structure and social action, uniting macro structures with the agencies and experiences of the individual. However, worries about further fragmentation as sociological sub-fields become increasingly fragmented  (hearkening to the concerns of House 1977).  Is social psychology merging its two disciplines too much – ignoring critical disciplinary uniqueness, in favor of sampling from the other?

Social psychologists are more able to deal with threats to legitimacy/limitations, due to increasing social/intellectual cohesion.

Just for fun – oh, the verbage — “Post-modernism for Stryker represents a fin de siècle hopelessness, rather than an invigorating questioning of the taken-for-granted that prods the sociological imagination” (337).


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