Incomplete Notes for Psychedelic White: Goa Trance and the Viscosity of Race (2007 – A. Saldanha – ***re-do upon receipt)

Brief Synopsis of Psychedelic White: Goa Trance and the Viscosity of Race. To be added upon.

Saldanha, Arun. 2007. Psychedelic White: Goa Trance and the Viscosity of Race. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Explore “what makes white bodies stick together?” in light of segregation of Indian tourists and white psytrance fans. Considers race not as corporeality but as assemblage originating in Goa psytrance rituals.  Notes that literature on countercultures, orientalism, hippies and drugs pander to the creativities and imaginations of white men – but may fail to see how these two are intimately implicated in the other.  Psytrance, thus, has not broken down racial barriers/segregation in Goa, but has enhanced it.  Those within unfamiliar terrains may feel more comfortable interacting with phenotypically-similar individuals — however, does not similarly demonstrate that internal clashes of belonging within psytrance groups can also be based upon nationality, age/generation, and class.  Overlooks presence of key Indian stakeholders –  DJs, party promoters, and well-off fans returning from diasporic spread. Also, fails to include the perspectives of Indians that he discusses as experiencing this marginalization (for fear of bias) — brings about somewhat one-sided analysis of racial tension — needs to differentiate between racism and segregation, as this really contends with how alien, white rituals contend with local hosts.


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