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Cregan, K. 2006. The Sociology of the Body.

Cregan, Kate. 2006. The Sociology of the Body. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Sociology often focuses on minds or social relations of bodies (individuals), but rarely bodies themselves. Bodies are always “there” in sociology, but are rarely accounted for (Schilling 1993). “Embodiment – the physical and mental experience of existence – is the condition of possibility […]

Rupp, L. 2014. The Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Glut.

Rupp, Lindsey. 2014. “The Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Glut.” Bloomberg Business. “The days of wearing our old workout shorts and ratty T-shirts are over,” VS CEO Sharen Jester Turney in November 2013 as VS line of sports bras dropped. “Eager to woo gym goers who want to look good while they sweat, Turney and […]

Maheshwari, S. 2013. Forget Training Bras, Girls Are Buying Lingerie.

Maheshwari, Sapna. 2013. “Forget Training Bras, Girls Are Buying Lingerie.” Bloomberg Business. Growing demand in middle and high school girls demand for intimate apparel, promoting “cuteness” not sexiness. Targeting toward 18-22 year olds has youth demand high. Projections of PINK brand becoming a $3 million business. “Sensuality and body image continues to be a […]

Palmeri, C. and J. Aguayo. 1997. Good-bye Guangdong, Hello Jalisco.

Palmeri, Christopher and Jose Aguayo. 1997. “Good-bye Guangdong, Hello Jalisco.” Forbes 159(3): 76-78. VS movement from Asian production sites to Mexico in 1997, due to shipping and distribution costs to the United States, however most of the raw materials still come from Asia. Through NAFTA, no duties will be pressed on Mexican goods coming to […]

Smith, A. 1998. Sexy but Classy.

Smith, Ann. 1998. “Sexy but Classy.” Progressive Grocer 77(11): 24-26. Ambiance of VS works to seduce consumers with “secret indulgences” – a fantasy of romance, elegance, and privilege. VS part of The Limited, Inc. “Originally a five-store chain in San Francisco founded by Roy Raymond, Victoria’s Secret was sold to The Limited in 1982 for […]

Burns-Ardolino, W. A. 2003. Reading Woman: Displacing the Foundations of Femininity.

Burns-Ardolino, Wendy A. 2003. “Reading Woman: Displacing the Foundations of Femininity.” Hypatia 18(3):42-59. Comparing the use of undergarments – tights, garters, body slimmers as a way that “these garments encourage, train, and police women’s performance of normative feminine motility, spatiality, and comportment” (43). This type of embodiment within femininity prevents women from experiencing bodily agency, […]

Ismail, A.R. and G. Spinelli. 2012. Effects of Brand Love, Personality and Image on Word of Mouth: The Case of Fashion Brands among Young Consumers

Ismail, Ahmed Rageh and Gabriella Spinelli. 2012. “Effects of Brand Love, Personality and Image on Word of Mouth: The Case of Fashion Brands among Young Consumers.” Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management 16(4):386-398. “Brand love” as central to consumer-brand relationship – word of mouth critical in developing this relationship. Branding strategies contribute to competitive advantage […]